New Taxi Sim 2020 game for Android devices to drive a taxi

The Romanian company Ovid specialized in the implementation of driving
simulation games has developed the Taxi Sim 2020 game on Android devices, to impress its users by introducing many amendments and
improvements, and the design of the Taxi Sim game makes it close to
reality, such as the use of safety belts and operating lights and various
equipment that we find in real cars.

The company also worked on the new version of Taxi Sim 2020 to
improve the quality of images and graphics by compressing their size to
be fast during use, and the introduction of new graphics with modern
technologies so that the user feels like a realistic leadership, which
distinguished it from the previous version that was issued approximately 4
years ago.

The new version of Taxi Sim 2020 allows the user to deal with a variety of
elements in the city streets to be more exciting and enjoyable, and one of
its new highlights is the combination of a smooth and professional game
and modern graphics, In addition to the real sound we hear while driving
in the real world.

Taxi sim 2020 game
The most important features of Taxi Sim 2020
Various types of vehicles
Driving controls
Large cities with wide and narrow streets.

Real cars
Realistic Traffic Environment
Real car engine sound